"I don’t believe that paperbacks will ever destroy hardbound publishing… The paperback has actually benefited publishing in more ways than one. Selling reprint and other subsidiary rights is now what keeps a lot of hardbound publishers from going bankrupt, because without a paperback sale, a book doesn’t make expenses most of the time. Also, paperbacks encourage the reading habit; people start with them, and a small percentage will graduate to hardbound books. So new readers are created and books are provided for people who can’t afford the hardbound ones—and that’s the greatest advantage of all… I think the hardbound publisher’s got to be in on this some way or another, and the one who hasn’t buttressed himself with an interest in a paperback house has been very short-sighted."


Bennett Cerf, on the emergence of paperback books in the 1930s.

For laffs, substitute “ebook” for “paperback” and “print” for “hardbound”.

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Need a holiday present? 104 PAGES OF PEG! This December.


Image: Ramon Perez






• Marvel’s Agent Carter makes the leap from the movies to the small screen this winter — and Marvel has you covered with this essential look at Peggy’s espionage career!

• In the dark days of World War II, Peggy Carter — aka Agent 13 — works with the French Resistance to liberate Nazi-occupied Paris. When she meets Captain America, will their mutual missions blossom into romance?

• And in the modern day, Peggy Carter, now an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., faces down the Red Skull!

• Collecting CAPTAIN AMERICA AND THE FIRST THIRTEEN, CAPTAIN AMERICA (1968) #184-186, and material from CAPTAIN AMERICA (2011) #1-2 and TALES OF SUSPENSE (1959) #77.

104 PGS./Rated T+ …$7.99

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AVX: Vs. #6 - “Science Battle!” (2012)

written by Kathryn Immonenart by Stuart Immonen

Good times.


AVX: Vs. #6 - “Science Battle!” (2012)

written by Kathryn Immonen
art by Stuart Immonen

Good times.

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People who never spent one second of their lives dicking around on the internet. Part I.

People who never spent one second of their lives dicking around on the internet. Part I.

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Today, Stuart and I have been married for 23 years. We also discovered that we both suffer from Exploding Head Syndrome. Just when you think you know everything about a person.

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Top Shelf is having a sale!

You can pick yourself up a copy of Moving Pictures for $8.

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mclarencomics said: So Stuart... All-New Cap. I am very much excite. What was the process like moving from X-Men to this? Did you leave/get pulled off it to make room for Cap or did you have a break in between to figure out what you wanted to do next? How many issues will you be on for? A lot of questions I know. Just any All-New Cap behind the scenes info would be sweet.

I finished my last issue of ANXM in early June and began my first issue of ANCA in late July. In between, I worked on Russian Olive to Red King.

There is no set number of issues regarding my commitment to Captain America.

Thanks for your enthusiasm; I’m pleased with the work so far.


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vbearnyc said: What prep work do you do when starting a new comic? You seem to do a lot of teams/ensemble casts at least in your mainstream comics work. How do you keep all that together and keep each character distinctive?

I’m not sure what you mean by prep work. I wake up and start drawing; the task at hand is always changing (scene by scene, page by page, issue by issue, covers, interiors) and I’m usually juggling a few projects at once, so each day is different from the previous one regardless of the assignment.

As to my ability to draw distinctive characters, many thanks, but I feel it falls short much of the time.


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cabinboy100 said: Is this the ask box? That’s not my question. This is my question —> What’s a Thing that once annoyed you about your partner that you maybe kind of adore now? And/or vice versa, if you’re willing to go there. =)

Yow. I’ll go first. Stuart is doing part of the corporate taxes at the moment, so you should probably take that into account when he answers.

We’ve been together a long time and I’d say that we’re both worse in some ways that don’t matter and better in a lot of ways that do. I don’t think there’s anything that I’ve ever found adorable about Stuart. He’s not really an adorable sort of person. He’s kind of spikey. It sometimes drives me nuts how stubborn and unwilling to ask for help he is but both of these things are foundational strengths of his character, not faults. Having said that, though, we’re both aware of how you can let small inconsequentials build up. So if something is irritating enough that the other person feels compelled to mention it, then we both try not to do that thing. I almost always remember to clean my hair out of the shower drain (he cleans the bathrooms), he almost always remembers to not leave repulsive sweaty work clothes turned inside out (I do the laundry). Does it ultimately matter? no. Does it make it easier to live together? yes.

Too serious? whatever. Stuart?


 The better Buddhist in each of us accepts instead of resisting and everyone is happier. Except when we don’t and we’re not.

And except for these bloody taxes. But that’s why we have an accountant.

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johnneedee said: How jealous would Stuart be if Kathryn was told by Marvel to write a new NEXTWAVE series?... Sorry, I wanted to ask something relating more to art and process and workflow and inspiration, but those seem to have been covered at one point or another... Neither of you really have to answer this if you don't want to... Keep up the great work, huge fan =)

Wait, what’s time again?

OK, since I didn’t write NEXTWAVE, I wouldn’t be jealous in the least. If she has been asked (not told, see previous) to draw NEXTWAVE, that would also be fine… but very unusual. If she had been asked to work on NEXTWAVE and I wasn’t, well, I have a job.

Anyway, I sent this to editor Nick Lowe last week and he liked it, so holy synchronicity.



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gpack3 said: Stuart, It seems like you and Wade are pretty tight. It's been ages since I've seen either of you credited without the other. Tbh, I'm not 100% sure he's not your pen name for when you ink yourself, like Soderbergh and "Peter Andrews". How does this affect how you choose projects? Is it like a married couple deciding whether to take a job in a new city, ie you can't say yes without checking with him? If he'd wanted to stay on X-men, would he have been able to, and you get a new inker for Cap?

Yeah, we’ve been around the block a few times together.

So far, decisions made regarding which long-term projects to take on have been left to me, from INFERNO on up to ALL-NEW CAP, though we have both taken on other jobs without the other during the last twenty-some years. Most recently, I told him I was leaving ANXM for new horizons and asked if he was interested in coming along and he said yes, thank goodness. I’ve tried working with other inkers and it’s never as good. Of course, if Wade had preferred to stay on board, that’s his prerogative (despite popular opinion, freelancers do not own other freelancers or have any say in their work choices— ie: Writer X does not “steal” Artist Y  nor does Artist Y “belong to” Writer X but I digress) and we would have found other collaborators.


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warrenworthington-iii said: As artists, there's always a time where one feel discouraged about drawing. Do you ever feel like this? personally, I absolutely love your work. I really like how you draw lips and noses

I feel this way all the time. Every day. Several times a day. But other people are depending on my completing the job of drawing so I do my best to sweep those negative feelings aside; if I can turn depression into anger and turn anger into getting over myself, then that’s a good day. I wrote more about this previously.


Oh, and thanks about the noses.

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meretricious said: Thanks for making great work together. I pick up most projects you each work on with other creators, and I never miss out on your collaborations. Looking forward to Russian Olive.

We seriously can’t thank you enough for your support. We both are aware that we don’t stump as hard for this work (or any of it really) in the way that many others do so it’s enormously gratifying when we hear these kinds of things. We’re getting fairly close on Russian Olive although it has no publisher, we don’t necessarily expect that anyone’s going to be interested and you may just have to come over and we’ll show you a stack of photocopies.


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thegreatrudini said: Hello! Are you guys coming down to Florida for any Cons in 2014/2015? Thanks! Love the art!

We really love Florida (not to mention http://oldflorida.tumblr.com/)  but have no con plans pending.

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