Anonymous said: Hi Kathryn, I love your Journey into Mystery a lot, noticed it isn't on the September solicitations, that's just a error or something right?! ... and Stuart, please stay on All New X-men or some other X-men book forever, easily my favourite artist ever, thank-you both!!

Alas no. We are done with 655. But seeing as we were basically cooked right out of the gate, I’m going to call hanging in for nearly a year a success. To be truthful, the real challenge that we inherited with this book was living up to the beautiful work that Kieron et al had done previously and the amazing reader energy that had been generated. 

If all that had happened with our ten issues was to extend the influence of the astonishing Valerio Schiti, that would have been enough. As it is, I’m so proud of what Valerio, Jordie, Clayton, Pepe and I put on the page under Lauren and Jake’s fearless leadership. I’m also thrilled to have been able to write Sif as a fierce warrior and a lovable dork. I hope she finds a new home somewhere with a lot of things to say and a lot of things to kill. 

Thanks for reading. 


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Posted on June 14th at 10:44 AM
  1. secretdogs said: i am so incredibly sad to see this series finish. i looked forward to the book every month. thanks for the ride, nonetheless. <3.
  2. sgctellandshow said: wow man that is a bummer
  3. wordsthatfit said: Sad news indeed. I was really enjoying the new direction with Sif (and told my friends about it), and the Fenris issue was a real joy to read. Everyone involved did an incredible job.
  4. feelsterrorist said: I’m so sad about this. I picked it up on a whim and fell in love with Sif. The whole team on the book is perfect, thanks for making something wonderful.
  5. teakettlekitten said: I’m so sad to hear this! JiM is one of my favorite books. I’ve loved reading about Sif’s adventures and the art is gorgeous! Thank you for putting out a great book while it lasted.
  6. picketfencecartel said: :(
  7. bensears said: That’s really sad news, JIM is such a fun comic right now.
  8. zachattacksstuff said: Sorry to hear about it being canceled. It was a really good book. I’ve enjoyed it quite a bit. Looking forward to what you are writing next!
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