It’s not about me, honest.

Anonymous said, “Kathryn, I’m sure your inbox is flooded with things like this, but I’ll add mine to the pile:I had never read a comic book in my life until your JiM crossed my path. It was the first comic book I bought, and from your very first issue, you made a lifelong comics reader out of me. The way you’ve written Sif over the course of these ten issues has been nuanced, clever, and honest, and I have loved it all. It was the book I needed to read when I needed to read it, and thank you for that. (1/3)

I’ve been adrift in a sea of general uncertainty about life since I graduated from law school— an academic battlefield but a battlefield nonetheless— a couple of years ago, and maybe this sounds silly, but your Sif gave this lady a lot of courage and hope when it was most sorely needed, and your work will always be very dear to my heart as a result. (2/3)

To write about gods and goddesses and make them so very human and relatable and real in the way that you have done with these issues is the stuff of Shakespeare, and I wish it could continue forever. You and Valerio Schiti have done absolutely wonderful work, and thank you, very much, for sharing that with all of us. (And please accept my apologies for the three part ask.) Best, E.”

This is maybe the most opposite of sounding silly I can think of.  And I’m not doing it this way to make it rebloggable, just answerable, all in one place.

First, thank you. From the bottom of my heart, and, by proxy, from Valerio’s too, which, as he is Italian, is most certainly at least twice the size of mine and probably tastes delicious. (As incontrovertible proof, I also offer you Francesco Francavilla). 

I am honoured you took the time to write and humbled by the irrationally high praise but more importantly, can we all just give a resounding YAWP for yet again being shown that these characters  have the great capacity to matter in people’s lives, that these stories can be buoying and comforting, inspiring and aspirational. I guess that’s words and pictures for you. And  I am quite certain that the Sea of Uncertainty is littered with rowboats, so thanks for waving at me. 

K- who doesn’t care that tumblr is telling me ‘Francesco’, ‘YAWP’, and ‘aspirational’ are not real words 


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