SNIPE is now available in the store


Snipe is a 4”x 6” double sided book. The cover is hand-stamped and laser printed Stonehenge, with die-cut and photo insert. The 32-page interior is laser printed on 20 lb cream-coloured bond. 


The book folds open and contains both Snipe 01 and Snipe 02. It is a single object.


Snipe 01 is loosely about dreaming, photography, battleships, birds, searching and being lost.


Snipe 02 is, ostensibly, about Simo Häyhä, the infamous Finnish sniper of WWII but equally deals with biography, fiction, loss and sleep.


Here’s where the truncated version of the non-pitch starts…

This may not be the book for you. Over the years, we have always tried to take the time to explore, for ourselves, book forms, storytelling, text and image. To think about fiction and fact and its intersection with the personal. And generally we do it in an edition of 100 books and swear never to do it again.

 If you have and like  MIR or Archaeology, you would probably like this. If you like small books, like Criminal Insects,  ditto.  Honestly, these weirdo projects are always just us stretching a little, or taking some time to explore some minute interest. 100 people have seemed to enjoy them. 

If all this has not put you off entirely, Snipe is now available in the Store for $15 plus $4 flat shipping anywhere in the world. There are 53 copies remaining. Each is signed and numbered.

thanks for reading. 

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