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SNIPE 01 & 02: A 32-Page Black and White Softcover Flip Book with Die-cut Cover and Photo Inserts, 4" X 6"

Snipe 01 is loosely about dreaming, photography, battleships, birds, searching and being lost. Snipe 02 is, ostensibly, about Simo Hayha, the infamous Finnish sniper of WWII but equally deals with biography, fiction, loss and sleep. [More]

Now available in a digital edition from COMIXOLOGY

MOVING PICTURES: A 144-Page Black and White Softcover Graphic Novel with French Flaps, 5.75" X 8.25"

Moving Pictures is the story of the awkward and dangerous relationship between curator Ila Gardner and officer Rolf Hauptmann, as they are forced by circumstances to play out their private lives in a public power struggle. The narrative unfolds along two timelines which collide with the revelation of a terrible secret, an enigmatic decision that not many would make, and the realization that sometimes the only choice left is the refusal to choose.

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CENTIFOLIA I: A 128-Page SC art book, 32pp in colour, 8" X 10.25"

Centifolia V1 collects the personal art of Stuart Immonen. From comics to sketches to concept designs, this book is a plethora of ideas and illustrations. Second printing.

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CENTIFOLIA II: A 128-Page SC art book, 32pp in colour, 8" X 10.25"

Centifolia V2 marks Stuart Immonen's return to his eclectic collection of work! Continuing where V1 left off, we find even more sketches, concept designs, illustrations and comics.

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NEVER AS BAD AS YOU THINK: A 64-page color hardcover with Dust Jacket, 10.5" X 7"

NABAYT tracks the alarming failures of paranoid urbanites, murderous waitstaff, heart-broken ambulance drivers, mariachi bands, talking cats and dogs, people who like cake and many who wield knives for a variety of purposes. This full-color printing contains all 52 strips from the Immonens' year-long web project along with two new strips.

Now available in a digital edition from COMIXOLOGY

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